About Indian Cotton Company

Having travelled to India on numerous occasions, we were lucky enough to witness the age-old tradition of hand block printing. This expertly perfected carving by artisans on teak wood blocks creates the numerous patterns which make the fabrics so beautiful. Natural vegetable dye produces the vibrant colours.

I bought a couple of napkins for family as gifts and 10 years later, getting ready to travel to Incredible India again, my sisters asked me to bring back more for them. I did. And after some rather complimentary Facebook comments, decided that I would leave my job of 16 years, and give the Indian Cotton Company, life. I have enjoyed the adventures of my travels to India and will continue to explore fabrics, patterns and the lifestyle range that has become my passion and my business. So enjoy and celebrate life!

It must be noted that the Indian cotton used is farmed responsibly and ethically. The cotton is produced from the Bhiwandi Village, in the western state of Maharashtra, India.